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The „Flood“ or the „Sin Flood“: Michelangelo 1508-1510,

Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

Figure 303: Ceiling fresco „The Flood” by Michelangelo in four marked individual scenes, which shows the beginning of the ceiling painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel with Noah's Ark in dark red marking. Dark blue marks a group of figures on a lonely, stone island, which was retained from the first painting by Michelangelo and his colleagues and is apparently intended to convey knowledge about the causes and consequences of a „deluge”. It is also about understanding the people who remain on isolated islands, who are allowed to rebuild the world as survivors after a „water flood”.

The dark red marking depicts with the brown ark of Noah the beginning of a worldwide spreading flood of sins, which symbolically stands for a sin guilt spreading over the sea and which will spread to the whole of humanity. The light red marking conveys something similar, which also gets clear with the black robe of a mother, bears witness to the fact, that on one hand the descendants are now burdened with greater sin guilt, and on other hand, that Satan angels will increasingly populate the world in the future. And this relevant scenario with guilt of sins passed on to the world's population, therefore also leads to long-lasting and negative effects in the future.

The woman sitting on the floor in light green marks probably the knowledge for that, and this shows that the guilt of sin that was previously hidden in the subsoil has now passed back to mankind, which can be seen from the uniform green of the floor. This event, the great sin guilt, which has been passed back to the whole of humanity, which has its cause in the death of Christ, represents the actual reason for a globally expected „flood of water” in the near future. It also makes to understand, that it is actually happening to a „flood”. It can be recognized as a worldwide spread of sin guilt, which will spread in a first stage as a worldwide pandemic or global lung disease due to the death of Jesus Christ on the wooden cross 2000 years ago through suffocation. The second stage of a prophecy about the decline of the world, which will result after the Last Judgment due to the death of the returned Bartholomew Christ, who as a sacrifice for humanity bears the great guilt of sexual sin and who also be responsible for his lifelong physical handicap, is therefore also the real reason for the decline of the world in a predictable global „water flood”, Michelangelo, 1508-1510, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

Figure 307: „The Sin Flood” by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1874) in ten individual scenes marked in color. Colored woodcut from „The Bible in Pictures”, Leipzig (Georg Wigand). On the left, in orange marking, the brown Noah’s Ark can be seen, which is intended to illustrate the distribution of sin guilt in the seas of the world. As with Michelangelo, in the woodcut „The Sin Flood” by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld the souls of people can be seen clad in hoods or shawls. A special feature of the woodcut is the realistic depiction of the cause of a predictable flood, who will result from the death of the returning and risen Bartholomew Christ.

This interpretation is supported by the crooked back in yellow marking, which, together with the upright Christ soul in red marking, and the dead Christ, visible in dark red marking and floating next to a piece of wood in the water, illustrates the fundamental understanding of the cause of the flood. The female Christ can be seen in light yellow marking, who has folded her hands in prayer and turns to the Blessed Mother with her two children, shown in light green marking, in order to possibly obtain atonement for the universal original sin guilt of humanity, which was carried by the male Bartholomew Christ. Because of the considerable sin guilt of mankind, a large proportion of land on earth is probably also lost, which can be interpreted by the animal clinging to a dry branch in dark green marking. The only help is now apparently only to be expected from the Mother of God and her two children, of whom her son has crossed his arms in front of his chest and thus reveals his true identity: The reborn, male Bartholomew Christ, who can be seen next to his soulmate sister, the female Christ. It is therefore mainly up to the children of the Blessed Mother, how much they can take over of the universal original sin guilt of humanity and thus bring the gates of heaven to close again.

The soul of the spiritually reborn Christ can then be identified in light blue marking, who asks for mercy in heaven with folded hands so that the flood of rain comes to a standstill. When comparing the two different representations of the Bartholomew Christ souls, which in reality correspond to the eternally living soul. It is also noticeable, that the Bartholomew Christ soul, if it will be viewed from the back side and highlighted in light blue marking, will probably not have any back problems in future, what can be interpreted through the respective color of the head and also of the coverage with a white scarf. This allows to get to know of the different objectives of the Bartholomew Christ soul, as also the former resurrected Bartholomew Christ soul to be interpreted in red marking, who is therefore illustrated in front view. Because only through the taking over of universal original sin guilt of mankind, which extends to the death of Jesus Christ and far beyond, the inclusion of former Christianity, as well as the knowledge and many new insights of today, allows above all the second return and resurrection of Christ, which will be possible at the end of times.

The resurrected Bartholomew-Christ-soul, which can be seen in front view and in red marking, also indicates, that the returned Bartholomew Christ will be for the first time visible to humanity in the world. In comparison to that, the successor of the risen Bartholomew Christ soul, in light blue marking, remains most likely invisible to humanity, which can be interpreted from the representation from the rear side. It also makes it clear, that the past golden age is mainly due to the philosophy of life of the returning Bartholomew Christ, 1860, sheet 17, Archive for Art and History Collection, Berlin.

Figure 305: „The Flood” in a detailed view of the passage of sins from the subsurface of the floor to the children and later adults, which was visualized through the black and blue robe of a standing and almost naked mother with her two children. This is an indication of future restrictions and disadvantages, which will also arise due to the increasing influence of Satan angels, which can be interpreted among other things through the mother's black robe.

The cut down tree trunk in light green marking with a woman sitting on the ground, now clearly depicts the balanced green of the ground, and thus confirms, that the immense guilt of sin in the underground of the ground has already passed back to the people, resulting in the decline of humanity and it will lead to a „flood of water” that will affect many people and countries, Michelangelo, 1508-1510, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome..

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