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Sins retribution by angels and saints in the „Last Judgment“,

Michelangelo, 1536-1541,

TIME for climate change and the retribution of sexual sins in the Last Judgment

Censorships at the „Last Judgment“ by Daniele da Volterra

cause difficult image analysis, 1565

Retribution for guilt of sins through verbal illusions, increased sexual drives and illnesses, Michelangelo, around 1530

Cause of climate change: abuse of eros phenomenon

 in favor of sexual acts: „Three Heads“, Michelangelo, around 1525

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Figure 543: „Last Judgment” with the details of punishing sexual sins through intensified measures of increased sexual drive, sharpening and flagellation. On the left, Saint Susanna, marked in red, next to Daniel's white underpants. In this illustration, the white underpants, together with the three friends, serve as a sins guilty indicator for the men, in dark green marking. Simon can be seen with his wooden saw in dark red marking, as he shortens the wooden cross of dismas underneath, and therefore restricts the perpetrators of caused sexual sins in following Christ, which will lead to illnesses and wrong decisions.

Dismas can be seen at his left and darkly painted leg with the sinful and shortened wooden cross in his hands in purple marking, which indicates the caused sexual sin guilt and illustrates the transfer of sexual sin guilt to the male member of a culprit. With a male member, which is guilty of sexual sins, a perpetrator of sexual sins guilt can only be a father of sinful offspring yet. In yellow marking Saint Blaise with the reinforcement of sexual drives with iron combs under the soles of feet of an angel. Dark blue marks the sharpening of sexual instincts through the symbolic fire wheel with saws and pointed nails on St. Katharina’s lower leg. Marked orange, Saint Sebastian with his arrows for positioning and targeted transmission of increased, sexual sins guilt to the knee of Simon of Cyrene, who carries the wooden cross of men´s world a part of the way, in order to be able to identify the caused sins guilt appropriately, Michelangelo, 1536-1541, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

Figure 542: Altar wall painting of the „Last Judgment” by Michelangelo in detail with the former depiction of Saint Blaise with his iron combs to increase the sexual drive in yellow marking. In dark blue marking, Saint Catherine supports the measure for sexual sharpening of those affected with her symbolic fire wheel, consisting of iron saws and nails. As a result, Saint Sebastian in orange marking positions the increased guilt of sexual sins on the wooden cross next to it with his arrows.

Only through this former depiction by Michelangelo can the illustrated plot of the altar painting in retaliation for sexual sins be revealed. The measures provided consist of increased sexual drive, expanded sexual sharpening, extensive sexual flagellation and transferring the increased sexual guilt of sins to the wooden cross. The activation of these measures can carrying out through the attributes of angels and saints, Michelangelo, 1536-1541, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rom.

Figure 506: Red chalk drawing „Three Deeds of Hercules” in three individual scenes. Measures for sins guilt retribution are shown via angels as human beings, left, in red marking via the symbolic opening mouth of the „Nemean lion“, which in this context is probably a symbol for the authorities in the world. This means a fired verbal delusion with many words and little ingenious content for the masses. The dark green marking in the middle then shows another measure of sins guilt retribution, in which a person is lifted up by an angelic being and takes property of his genitals with his face.

In addition, sexual flagellation and additional increase of sexual drive will be illustrated as extended measures for sins guilt retribution. On the right, in blue marking, snakes convey the result of the additionally transferred sins guilt to the affected people and reveal great pain and illnesses due to the increased sexual sin guilt. Medical help is now probably urgently needed and should heal the sick again, 27.2 x 42.2 cm, red chalk drawing, Michelangelo, around 1530, Windsor Castle, Royal Library, London.

Figure 497: The drawing „Three Heads“ depicts the heads of three people as animal heads, which have apparently sunk in the existence of their human souls in the animal kingdom for purification, because of their caused sins. In order to understand the cause of the sinking of the souls into the animal kingdom, an intimately embracing couple can be seen on the right, lower edge of the picture in dark red marking, which can provide the explanation why a spiritually transmitted message will be destroyed through physical acts of love. As a result, this acts can lead to the sinking of souls into the animal kingdom, also known as purgatory or hell.

Incidentally, because of the innumerable frequency of these sins practiced in the world, the sexual misconduct of mankind is also the main reason of the current climate change. The real cause is actually the abuse of the eros phenomenon in favor of sexual acts, which will be continuously carried out and prevent the perception as well as the performing creative works of men. Precisely for this reason, sexual misconduct is not only the most common sin in the world, but also largely responsible for global climate change, Michelangelo, around 1525, autograph not visible.

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