The End of Times

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This is revealed by the „Doomsday Clock’’ of the American magazine „Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’’. On January 24, 2023, the "Doomsday Clock" was new reset:

90 seconds to midnight.

The less time is left until midnight, the closer the world is to the apocalypse. Due to man-made global threats such as climate change, disasters and wars, the hand has now been advanced to 90 seconds to midnight.

Never before in the long history of the Doomsday Clock, which began in 1947 with the hand set at seven minutes to midnight, has the hand been this close to the apocalypse.

Biblical Apocalypse, New Revelation. End of the old world with transition to a new, changed world. Four apocalyptic horsemen. Revelation of Daniel and John. Second return of Christ at the Last Judgement of mankind. This is followed by the path to personal salvation, restoration of spiritual rebirth and resurrection. End of the spiritless age and new heuristic thinking. Definition of purgatory and hell. Unchecked migration with an increase in the Muslim population in Christian countries. Angelic world judges Apollo. Dramatic increase of satanic angels due to multicultural society and extreme guilt of sin. This has a considerable negative impact on the economy and society. Transition to resource management and the most effective and sustainable use of raw materials. Reversal of globalization. Renaissance of fossil fuels and heating systems. New drive concept. Abandonment of electromobility, wind power and photovoltaics. Development cooperation, community alliances and diversified multilateralism are abandoned. Change in sexual behavior. Danger of multiple water floods, new pandemics (global epidemics), volcanic eruptions, wars, severe weather disasters and new diseases. New insights into the causes of volcanic eruptions and climate change. A return to Christian roots, values and culture is necessary. In future, the focus of life and work will be on the heuristically shaped, individual human being who follows heuristic rules and is inspired by creation. The new age of heuristics begins with the renaissance of Christianity, Christian values, commandments and behavior.

Countdown Apocalypse The End of Times About Heuristics Download Contact

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„He who has understanding to think, let him think and understand’’. The end is near..

The biblical prophecies in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and in the Revelation of John in the New Testament seem to be coming true. There are many predictions about the end of the world, but only a few are realistic. And there are good reasons for this.

The Apocalypse is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new, changed world.

The word „Apocalypse’’ originally comes from the Greek and means „unveiling’’ or „revelation’’. Unfortunately, today the word „apocalypse’’ is almost exclusively associated with the destructive end of the world. Originally, however, the focus was on the revelation of the divine plan that was to unveil the future world.

The „Apocalypse’’ is neither an intellectual concept nor a phenomenon, but part of an irreversible reality of our world that affects all of humanity. It is inevitable because every new apocalypse initiated by the Son of Man is to be understood as a transformation of the old world into a changed, new world. At the end of every obsolete heaven and every obsolete earth is therefore the Son of Man's vision of a new heaven and a new, transformed earth. This message can also be found in the biblical Revelation of John (Rev. 21), where it becomes clear that at the end of time, heaven and earth must be reshaped according to new principles.

Left: Tower of Babel. Viennese version. Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563, oil on oak, 114 x 115 cm. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Learn from the example

of Babylon:

Babylonian linguistic confusion due to multiculturalism, arrogance and decadence.

Michelangelo's doomsday scenario:

After the great water flood, only a few islands remain.

Left: The Deluge by Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Sistine Chapel. 1508-1512, Vatican. Rome.

The consequences:

Large parts of the earth will sink into the oceans because of immense sexual guilt of sin. Many souls will be dragged into the hell of the seas.

Left: The Statue of Liberty of New York under water. Photo iStock.

There is hope:

Save your souls and begin the heuristic age.

You can find out more about heuristics and personal salvation in the new eBook manuscript „The End of Times’’ by Berthold Jerg.

Left: There is hope for believers at the end of times. Photo Shutterstock.


Causes and consequences of the downfall

The Apocalypse change the World

Prophecies about the end of times

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