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The way to personal salvation leads over the creativity method „HDM”,

a script to be written and a set of rules, Berthold Jerg

First step of the creativity method „HDM“: collect ideas, information and data. Situation analysis of the actual state and forecast to a target state.

Fifth step of the creativity method „HDM“: Personal analogy formation with characterization of people, places and the time.

Tenth and last step of the creativity method „HDM“: Forced problem solving in horizontal and vertical structure.

TIME for the new path to personal salvation by Berthold Jerg

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At the beginning of the Last Judgment, the risen Bartholomew Christ will present a new path to personal salvation, which will lead through a creative script that you can create yourself and which will allow you to achieve personal salvation during lifetimes. In the past, an authentic view at the perception of heaven on earth was mainly possible through one's own soul contemplation in the hour of death. Therefore the knowledge received was taken with you into death and keep remained hidden. This gave the impact to the new challenge of developing an emotional time machine, with which it should be possible, to transform the information contained in the subconscious of a person into the human consciousness while lifetimes.

As it is well known, the great phenomenon of creativity can be found in the statement, that something that is within us can be brought to life on the outside. It is the breathe in of a new spirit of life into the previously undiscovered world of the subconscious. The great challenge here is of course the release of the creative achievement, which can be best achieved through the medium of a script.

The critical factor for basic understanding of personal salvation is the man who holds the gold-colored key to heaven: Christ. The essential prerequisites for the creation of constructive and creative achievements that can result from following Christ can thus also be understood. Because these are based on the individual basis of lived Christian ethics and its known rules, commandments and principles.

Those who get involved with Christ, have an honest will, faith and Christian values, can salvate their soul themselves by a script that has to be created, inclusion the creativity method „HDM“ (Human Drama Processing Method) and the corresponding set of rules. With this new revelation of the risen Bartholomew Christ, the individual person is therefore immediately able to achieve his personal salvation of soul and eternal life. And this even during lifetimes. That was impossible until now.

The outstanding feature of scriptwriting is the way in which stories are told, information is networked and data is blended. Above all, however, it is the intention to act with added conflict and the reversed order of times that drives history forward towards the future. In addition, there is the ongoing struggle to find a solution, which can be understood as the introduction of confrontations or controlled conflict situations. Both testify to the clash of the two extremes between „hero“ and „villain“ and drive the story forward crucially. Screenwriting is the fine art of information networking, which can release the scriptwriter's inner creativity free and thus enable his personal salvation.

Figure 659: „Human Drama Processing Method” (HDM), first step with creating a creativity pool that is as universal as possible with information, for example, from the areas of environment, energy, society, culture, politics, technology, history, theology and anthropology. Attention to a balanced ratio of arguments between simplicity (homogeneity) and diversity (multiculturalism). Carrying out an actual situation analysis and target forecast, Berthold Jerg.

Figure 668: „Human Drama Processing Method” (HDM), tenth step: Forced problem solving with „Force Fit”, which can help to finalize ideas and adapt the entire script structure, Berthold Jerg.

Figure 663: „Human Drama Processing Method” (HDM), fifth step, which should help to alienate the original analogies due to the help of insertion of intentions to act, the characterization of the actors, the locations and the time. The intentions to act can be found in the motive structure of people and the aspiration of security, health, survival, redemption, status, money, love, success, recognition, etc., Berthold Jerg.

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