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Figure 86: „Roman Pietà” by Michelangelo with the special feature of the Christ head turned away from the right shoulder of the Mother of God, marked in red. Later Michelangelo positioned the head of Christ in other sculptures directly on the right shoulder of the Mother of God, which additionally promotes the knowledge of a spiritual reception of Christ by the Mother of God. The Roman Pietà was one of his first masterpieces, St. Peter’s Basilica, Michelangelo, 1498-1500, Vatican, Rome.

Figure 87: Left in detail: The lying turned away head of Christ in the arm of Our Lady in red marking. In the later Pietàs, on the other hand, the head rests on the right shoulder of the Mother of God to receive his spirit, Pietà, Michelangelo, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican, Rome.

Figure 88: Middle: Our Lady with the ribbon "MICHELANGELUS BONAROTUS FLORENT (INUS) FACIEBAT" (Michelangelo from Florence created this) in light blue marking, Michelangelo, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican, Rome.

Figure 89: Right: Face of the Mother of God in yellow marking, Michelangelo, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican, Rome.

Turned away head of Christ: marble group „Roman Pietà“, Michelangelo, 1498-1500, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Rome

Predestination for the occupancy of the tomb: Michelangelo’s Moses

and the tomb tragedy of Pope Julius II, Michelangelo, 1505-1545.

David’s victory above Goliath with intellect: marble statue of „David“, Michelangelo, 1501-1504, Palazzo della Signoria, Florence

Figure 100: „David”, copy of the marble sculpture in front of the Palazzo Vecchio with the view to the left below the Jesus Christ emblem (YHS) in red marking, which testifies to Christ's successor and thus reveals the decisive act of David: namely those of a spiritual conducted competition by intellect between David and Goliath. The nudity of David, which is supposed to enable a transparency of soul and body, also illustrates with the muscular arms a poverty, humility and modesty to be interpreted, which are important prerequisites for the reconstruction of spiritual rebirth and are decisive ingredients for a victory with knowledge and mind. Palazzo della Signoria, Michelangelo, 1501-1504, Florence.

Figure 102: „David”, copy of the marble statue in detail with the background of the Jesus Christ emblem (YHS) in light blue marking, which helps to perceive the imagery, and confirms that „David” actually illustrates the successor path of Christ. In this way, in poverty, humility and modesty, through the angelic reconstruction of spiritual rebirth, the former knowledge, insights and experiences of past lives can be restored, which can help to conquer the knowledge of Goliath. Only at this special location of the original „David” with the unique „YHS” emblem in the background could the hidden secret of the image language of „David” and his Christian message with the victory above Goliath through intellect be revealed, Palazzo della Signoria, Michelangelo, 1501-1504, Florence.

Figure 133: Michelangelo's "Moses" as a tomb figure for Pope Julius II in detail. The sculpture of Moses holds a book marked in light green in its right hand, which is supposed to testify to "Moses" great past as a son of man. The two distinctive and forward-protruding horns on the head of Moses, marked in red, are to be understood as a symbol of a bull, which testify to great intellectual ability and represent the Son of Man. An interesting feature of Michelangelo's hidden image language can also be found in the two splayed index and middle fingers of Moses, with whom he visibly grips in his curly beard hair in light green marking. With the help of this symbolic gesture, the two angelic women Rahel and Leah can be identified, who stand to the left and right of Moses and, apparently, due to the great sexual sin guilt of Pope Julius II, should have a say in the future occupancy of the tomb. As a possible result of that, the tomb is empty until this day. Regarding to this, a new and groundbreaking insight becomes reality, who says, that Michelangelo could even influence future events with his created figures. Michelangelo, 1513-1516, last revision 1542, marble, height 235 cm, San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome.

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Michelangelo’s David: victory above Goliath with intellect

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