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Figure 368: Prophet Ezekiel can be seen in detail with two putti angels on his back in red marking, how he grants a special insight into the importance of the daily work, including the necessary spiritual support through creation. Without a targeted transmission of the spirit or knowledge by the creation, the work to be done by the people would probably have long sunk down into the black hands of angel-Satan, because of the steadily increasing sin guilt, the increasing greed and the excessive prosperity. As a consequence only still sin-infested black products and services would arise in the spirit of Satan.

This interpretation becomes understandable through the gesture of the right hand of Ezekiel and the angelic youth man, visible on his right shoulder, who refers to the angels on the pedestal with the help of an apt gesture. This describes angelic support in the daily task of work. Another key to understanding this episode is provided by the scroll in Ezekiel's left hand, which is a testimony of the Holy Spirit and thus confirms the creation in the work to be done, Michelangelo, 1508-1510, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

The importance of creative mediation of the spirit: Prophet Ezekiel, Michelangelo, 1508-1510, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

Figure 370: The Cumaean Sibyl in a detailed view of the red marking with a white headgear and two putti angels on her right shoulder. Obviously she is reading something from the Book of Wisdom, which probably tells some of the rebirth of the Christ child and reveals therefore the basic requirements for a sin free labor. The special symbolism of the crossed upper arms of the two putti angels, who in this view form a symbolic cross on the upper arm, also help to further understand the particularly conspicuous and muscular left upper arm of the „Cumae”, who apparently refers to their living conditions in poverty, humility and modesty, according to the German word for „arm”. In this context, it is important to understand, that poverty, humility and modesty are important prerequisites for the reconstruction of spiritual rebirth in a person.

The Cumaean Sibyl was considered as the most important diviner of the ancient Romans and in her prophecy she heralds a „golden age” for the world with the also presumably „poor” Christ child, probably the last before the Last Judgment, Michelangelo, 1508-1510, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

„Prophecy to the golden age” and the meaning of poverty, humility and modesty: Cumean Sibyl, Michelangelo, 1508-1510

Figure 366: Ceiling painting „The Creation of Eve”. On the left, in red, the sleeping Adam on a tree against a stony background, whose male soul would slide into the world of Satan during the sleep process without the support of his soulmate Eve. Eva, on the other hand, can be seen wide awake in the center of the picture in the yellow marker and is communicating with God. A measure to be carried out from God can be symbolically interpreted via the right hand, which is oversized and raised and reaches almost up to heaven and symbolizes a creative spiritual mediation. The two angled, right legs of Eve and Adam, marked in red, apparently also serve this purpose, which impressively illustrate the Eros phenomenon and reveal a spiritual transmission from God via Eve to the sleeping Adam.

With this fresco it can also be understood, that the communication shown is a visualized, reciprocal and spiritual connection between Eve and God during Adam's night rest. The goal of that meaning is presumably the labor, which should be performed by Adam and supported him by the help of creative spirit, what also can be interpreted through the raised hand of God. As a special feature of this connection, reciprocal communication in both directions can be recognized in this fresco, i.e. from the spirit of the sleeping Adam, via Eve to God and back again.

The reason for this is presumably the newly gained knowledge, that the soulmate Eve can grasp the thoughts of her Adam during his night's rest and solicit for a solution for him in the communication with God. Therefore, Eva becomes the perfect mediator between God and her soulmate husband Adam. On the other hand, it can become plausible, that the content of this episode is about the restoration of the spiritual rebirth of Adam, which should lead to the creation of long-past knowledge, former experiences and knowledge of past lives to shape Adam's future. For this it should be also clear, that the future of Adam lies in his past. But since God is in reality the female Mother of God, as Michelangelo presumably only recognized shortly before his death, the visualized communication with the reconstruction of the spiritual rebirth between the Mother of God and the sleeping Adam valid until today in the world today. Michelangelo, 1508-1510, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

„Creation of Eve”: Mutually spiritual transmission with the aim of spiritual rebirth of Adam, Michelangelo, 1508-1510

„Creation of Eve“: TIME for the reconstruction of the spiritual rebirth of Adam

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