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Consequences of Jesus' death on the cross until today:

„Pietà of Palestrina“, Michelangelo, around 1555

Michelangelo’s last work: „arm away or poor on“,

„Pietà Rondanini“, Michelangelo, 1554-1564


TIME to talk about the consequences of Jesus' death on the cross: Michelangelo's last works and his true identity

Michelangelo’s true identity: Son of Man, Christ, and

spiritual rebirth of apostle Bartholomew, 1475-1564

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Figure 629: „Pietà of Palestrina” with new insights into the effects of Jesus' death on the cross, which have been preserved in the world to this day. In addition, the sculpture “Pietà von Palestrina” allows further insights into the female Christ and the Mother of God as the sole creator of heaven and earth. The head of the apparently dead Christ lies in yellow marking, as can be seen from the highlighted right index finger of the Mother of God in red marking, on the right shoulder of the Mother of God. By that the spiritual reception of Christ, who was taken from cross will be shown. Christ's newly acquired knowledge about the spiritual rebirth, his experiences and new insights should now be carried into the world by the Blessed Mother, who can be seen in dark blue marking. What can also be seen in the sculpture is that the band illustrated in light green marking above the chest of the male Christ visualizes the actual cause of death of Jesus Christ by suffocation on the wooden cross almost 2000 years ago. And these cause of death of Jesus is still recurring in the world today as a lung disease or pandemic. This lung disease should be known to many people under the name Covid-19, which has persisted in the world until this day as a pandemic. The real beginning goes back to the disgraceful deed of former mankind with the crucifixion and suffocation of Jesus on the wooden cross.

Also noteworthy in the Pietà of Palestrina is the position of the female Christ in light blue marking, which supports the body of the apparently lifeless and male Christ on the left thigh. The diagonal band on her body is important, which apparently affects her upper body as well as her left arm and thus reveals further problems and diseases in the future of mankind. With the probably intentionally positioned turning head of Christ on the right shoulder of the Mother of God, Michelangelo probably also matured his new knowledge of the Mother of God as the sole creator of heaven and earth. God is therefore not male, but as the greatest mystery of creation: the female Mother of God, marble, height 253 cm, Michelangelo, 1555, Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence.

Figure 634: The sculpture „Pietà Rondanini” visualizes the end of poverty of Christ and the associated resurrection of the second returned Christ to the Last Judgment. Over the head of Christ, who was taken from the cross, the spirit is absorbed by the Blessed Mother on her right shoulder in red marking to pass on the knowledge of Bartholomew Christ to the world. The right arm deliberately cut off by Michelangelo in light green marking, which is to be understood as a symbolic indication of the end of the previous “poverty” of Christ, testifies that the removed Christ from the cross can also finally discard his previous trademark known as a persistent poverty. Also thanks to Michelangelo's succession of knowledge, he can open new sources for the resurrection to the Last Judgment. The basis of this special understanding is Michelangelo's visual image language, in which he often illustrated a “poverty” in his depictions of people by the help of muscular arms. Poverty is also a necessary prerequisite for the reconstruction of spiritual rebirth.

The sculpture of the „Pietà Rondanini” also indicates through the visualized end of the poverty of Christ, that therfore the basic prerequisite for the resurrection of Christ with his second return to the Last Judgment was created. The „roughly” designed surfaces on the upper body of Christ and the Blessed Mother, which are visible in red marking, also make it clear that probably „rough” words from the risen Bartholomew Christ to the leaders are to be expected in the future, who may often failed in the leadership of nations and their employees. On the other hand, the slightly angled and smoothly polished legs of Christ, which can be seen in blue marking, apparently confirm, that Christ was successful spiritually reborn from the original sin of past lives.

The „resurrection of the dead” in the Last Judgment can therefore also be interpreted as an act of shaking up people living in spiritual darkness with the knowledge spread by the risen Bartholomew Christ. Height 195 cm, white marble, Michelangelo, 1552-1564, Castello Sforzesco Museum, Milan.

Figure 635: Left: Saint Bartholomew can be seen in light blue marking in the altar painting of Michelangelo's „Last Judgment” with the portrait of Michelangelo on the symbolically peeled skin in yellow marking, which is a symbol of resurrection, eternal life and spiritual rebirth. With the help of the spiritual rebirth, Jesus' former statement can also explained: „I will stay with you until the end of the world”. This means that Christ is ever present in his existence of spirit, even though most of the time he is physically invisible to many people in the world. Incidentally, the visible knife in red marking serves as a pointing instrument for Bartholomew and shows the further path of Bartholomew to the risen Apollo Christ, his angelic companion, 1536-1541, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

Figure 636: Right: Michelangelo Buonarroti and the great secret to his true identity: During his lifetime he was the spiritual rebirth of the holy apostle Bartholomew and thus the born again Son of Man, Christ and one of the followers of Jesus Christ. According to the book of times, each of the past, present and future Christ followers has to take over a sin guilt as a sacrifice for humanity. This also applies to the female Christ, about whom the future and the fate of humanity will be decided together with the male Christ.

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