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Figure 146: Today’s interior view of the Sistine Chapel in light blue marking with almost countless Christian frescoes by various artists, whose image languages were heuristically analyzed and thus a lot of new knowledge, groundbreaking insights and illuminating answers to significant questions could be found. The mosaic floor and choir are marked in dark blue. The view of the altar wall with the „Last Judgment” is marked in red, Michelangelo, Vatican, Rome..

Figure 166: „Return of Moses to Egypt” in detail with the episode „measures to activate the eros phenomenon” in the boy marked in red. The symbolic activation of the eros phenomenon for the transmission of creative messages to the male recipient takes place through the grip of an angelic woman on the boy’s genital. It should be noted that the initial system of the eros phenomenon, as already known, comes about through the mother’s birth canal. The symbolic grip on the boy’s genital, however, also shows the resulting sexual guilt of sin, which can be interpreted by the raised right arm of the boy in connection with the wooden stick of the angelic man dressed in red marking.

As a side effect, Moses passes the sexual sin guilt resulting from the activation of the eros phenomenon on to those present via his scepter, as can be seen in the light blue marking. There you can also see one of the two women with a draped robe, which is probably supposed to illustrate their future back pains. In orange marking the older son of Moses holds a wooden stick on Moses’ right leg, to perceive the content and testimony the guilt of sin of the boy.

However, the act depicted has nothing to do with a surgical circumcision of the genital. In contrast to the painless activation of the eros phenomenon through the grip of an angelic woman on the boy’s genital, it can be understood, that surgical circumcision of a man’s genital is a continuous form of guilty retribution, who involves reducing the reception of The Holy Spirit for the whole life and working. Because of decisive importance for the transmission of the Holy Spirit during the night is a fully intact male member most importatnt, which can produce an erection in the man with great sensitivity in order to receive the divine messages. Pietro Perugino, 1482, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome.

Circumcision and the Consequences:

fresco „Return of Moses to Egypt“, Pietro Perugino, 1482

Figure 167: Oldest known relief for the so-called circumcision or activation of the eros phenomenon in a boy by the grip of an angelic woman on the boy's genital, left, marked in red. In contrast, on the right, in dark green marking, a surgical circumcision by angel-satan.

The recognizable hieroglyphs marked in red, together with the man standing in the background of the boy, who holds the hands of the circumcised in front of the head and forms a symbolic cross with the upper arms of the person to be circumcised, confirm the far-reaching significance of this religious act for receiving the Holy Spirit for believing people. This interpretation is supported on one hand by the white bird above, and on the other hand by the outstretched hand as a sign of divine work, which is probably connected to the triangle next to it as a symbol of divine trinity.

The white bird below the divine hand, in red marking, which is located next to a lower leg with a foot, visualizes the spiritual support with knowledge in the daily work and testifies a balanced guilt of sins in the underground of the bottom. A little below this depiction, the horizontally running snake provides protection from diseases by an angelic doctor who is supposed to protect people from diseases. The brownish round arch in front of the angelic woman's face, on the other hand, marks the male member and the sexual sin guilt that goes with it. The symbol with the two joined hands conveys the protection of man in his dwelling, and this obviously under the responsibility of creation.

In contrast, the dark green markings show the surgical circumcision of the male genitals of a boy, who uses the gesture of his outstretched long arm to point to the black hair of his circumciser, and thus identifies his male circumciser as an angel-satan.

The most noticeable feature are now the jagged wavy lines in front of the circumcised person's head, which indicate a consistent rejection of the act of circumcision, as this restricts the transmission of the divine gifts of the Holy Spirit. The bent snake under a jagged wavy line is now supposed to anticipate adversity and emerging diseases, and the ocher-yellow owl, as a sign of nocturnal wisdom, probably only symbolizes limited knowledge and wisdom in this representation.

Due to the illustrated hieroglyphs in dark green marking it becomes evident, that surgical circumcision of genitals can lead to a reduced reception of the creative gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is often perceived as disinterest, ignorance and lack of drive. Furthermore, it is undisguisedly clear, that surgical circumcisions are to be understood as measures of long-lasting retribution for sin guilty, which can severely limit the circumcised during their entire life and working. Drawing of a relief from the tomb of Ankhmahor (around 2300 BC). From Saqqara, Egypt. Unknown artist.

Interior view of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

TIME to explain circumcisions and the consequences

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Two different views of circumcision:

drawing of a relief from the tomb of Ankhmahor (around 2300 BC), unknown artist.

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