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Art, literature and theology project: „The End of Times” by Berthold Jerg. The book to apocalypse.

Although there are many books about Christianity, the Apocalypse, or the Last Judgment, but none of these books I know of today describe the actual events of early Christianity, which go back to the time of Jesus Christ and allow a coherent, plausible interpretation about the events of the "Last Judgment" at the end of times. In order to find out more about this topic, the iconography of the artists hidden in Christian images, frescoes, sculptures and paintings is to be revealed and reinterpreted for the first time with the help of heuristic image analysis. For this important task, the usage of the new and practicable method "Hybrid Image Analysis" (HIA) is particularly suitable in order to be able to receive new insights, previously undiscovered knowledge and profound insights into the artists' secret messages.

The word „Apocalypse“ originally comes from the Greek and means „unveiling“ or „revelation“, depending on the translation. Unfortunately, nowadays the word apocalypse is almost exclusively associated with the destructive end of the world. In fact, in past, the focus was on the revelation of the divine plan, which was supposed to show how the history of the world will develop up to the Last Judgment and beyond.

A few years ago, with the help of heuristic image analyses, which I carried out mainly on Christian works of art, I began to find answers to questions about human history, that have remained unanswered to this day. Besides the methodical unveiling of the pictorial languages of the artists, it was also a matter of finding answers about the coming challenges of global economic, environmental and climate change, the role of men and women, labour, ethics, morals and the values of a society. In addition, with the second return of Christ at the end of times, the focus was on the most important topic of the future Last Judgment: personal salvation.

The answers, I was able to discover through specially conducted heuristic image analyses of predominantly Christian artworks, were so overwhelming, that I compiled them into a single work in my eBook manuscript „The End of Times, The Key to the Sistine Chapel, Last Judgment and Personal Salvation“. It was amazing, that I could even get answers to the future world events via the long time ago Christian roots and the heuristic picture analyses.

Thus, it becomes clear: The answers to the future of mankind does not lie in the present or in a present view of the future, but actually in the past, namely in the Christian root. My great aim was therefore, to shed more light to the Christian rootwork, which is still hidden today in many Christian works of art of the Old Masters, or as one also says: to bring light into the hitherto „hidden or mysterious“.

The newly discovered findings, earth-shattering revelations and insights, which reach back to early Christianity and far beyond, can be experienced coherently for the first time in my eBook manuscript „The End of Times“, which will probably be available in 2022 with a free PDF download new edition.

Christ’s second coming at the end of times

„I will come again at the end of time”, Jesus Christ once prophesied shortly before his death on the wooden cross. With this last message he left us his legacy and gave us hope for the resurrection and return of „Christ” at the end of times. In the „Last Judgment” of mankind, at the end of time, the focus is not only on a new revelation but also on the personal salvation of the individual. And that point in time is here and now.

It is well known that the churches proclaim the gospel for the „resurrection of Christ” and eternal life every day, and yet today more people than ever doubt the early Christian message.

It is precisely that these seems to be degenerated into a formidable responsibility for many of the Christians living around the world today. In order to be able to face this modest situation with new knowledge, extraordinary insights and a transparency that has never been achieved, the earth-shattering eBook „The End of Times” by Berthold Jerg provides the decisive contributions of Christian understanding.

Broken seals

With the act of „broken seals”, symbolically understood by the author Berthold Jerg in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, and the heuristically performed image analyzes of the paintings, realistic insights into heaven on earth are now possible for the first time in human history. And this while still alive. That was impossible so far. The key to this lies in the subconscious of a human being and its open up by a heuristic work.

The time is there for the „Last Judgment” at the end of times

You can immediately become aware of that, if you read the new eBook manuscript „The End of Times, The Key to the Sistine Chapel, Last Judgment and Personal Salvation” by the book author Berthold Jerg. Using heuristic image analyzes of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel, the author reveals the previously hidden realities of the „Last Judgment” and turns the artists’ visual language into an interactive, comprehensible experience.

Sponsors welcome

In order for the eBook manuscript „The End of Times” by Berthold Jerg, to become an everlasting source of knowledge and a guide of life for the readership, the book author Berthold Jerg is constantly looking for suitable sponsors. Professional specialist translations into other languages will also follow later, which will also require enormous financial expenses. Sponsorship funds are particularly desirable in order to make the activities related to the eBook offers and their marketing to success.

Convince yourself and help with your financial support to lead the eBook manuscript „The End of Times” by Berthold Jerg to success. You are cordially invited to become a sponsor of the great project „The End of Times” by Berthold Jerg.

Thank you in advance for your support.

TIME for answers to earth-shattering questions

Berthold Jerg, Germany, Email: info@pscverlag.de

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