The End of Times

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Time for the „Last Judgment’’ and the project „The End of Times’’ by Berthold Jerg

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Risen Christ

Detail of the "Last Judgment" altarpiece in the Sistine Chapel, with the risen and heavenly Christ as the ruler of the world in the center. Christ is the main guide to the salvation of man's soul. Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Rome.

Back to the future

The Renaissance humanism of the Middle Ages, which focused on individual human abilities, produced countless new achievements, innovative accomplishments, and unique works in many fields.

The world-famous Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti and other great artists created fascinating and Christian influenced works of art in the Sistine Chapel during the Renaissance, using a new painting technique that allowed for new views of human details and presented the Christian message in a new and previously unknown light.

The "Vitruvian Man". Leonardo da Vinci circa 1490.

"I will come again at the end of times", Jesus Christ once prophesied to us shortly before his death on the wooden cross. With this last message, he left us his legacy and gave us hope for the resurrection and return of Christ at the end of times.

In the "Final or Last Judgment" of mankind, besides a new revelation, the personal salvation of the individual is the main focus. And that moment is here and now.

Through heuristic image analyses of Christian works of art, author Berthold Jerg makes hitherto hidden insights into the "Last Judgment" transparent and reveals the great mysteries of Christianity.

The Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, with its world-famous frescoes is considered as the most important chapel of all mankind, proves to be a predestined treasure to make the new revelation vivid.

As is well known, the churches proclaim daily the gospel of the resurrection of Christ and eternal life, and yet today more people than ever doubt the original Christian message.

This very message seems to have degenerated into a fearful and challenging responsibility for many of the Christians living around the world today.

To meet this dissatisfied situation with new knowledge, the earth-shaking eBook "The End of Times'' by Berthold Jerg provides the crucial impulses for a new understanding.

With the secrets revealed by author Berthold Jerg and the guide to personal salvation, realistic insights into heaven on earth are now possible for the first time. The new path to personal salvation, which enables an expanded perception of heaven on earth, leads through a heuristic screenplay project to be created by oneself.

The crucial prerequisite for this is, in addition to the observance of the set of rules, the angelic restoration of the spiritual rebirth, which results from the original sin of a person's past. Subsequently, the spiritual resurrection of man can take place, which is also understood as the resurrection of the dead or those living in spiritual darkness. The reconstruction of the spiritual rebirth is about the past knowledge, the former abilities and cognitions from previous lives, which are reactivated.

Therefore, the shaping of a person's future is mainly based on his past. Thus, the human being becomes part of the evolution of knowledge in the world.

Heuristics is understood as a focus on Christian values, ethics, commandments and behaviors, which consistently include the creation. With the help of heuristics, the conditions for the perception of heaven on earth are created for an individual and humanistic person in order to save his own soul.

Most important chapel of mankind: Sistine Chapel

Interior view of the Sistine Chapel on Michelangelo Buonarroti's altarpiece of the Last Judgment. Vatican, Rome.

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More in the free of charge eBook manuscript

The End of Times’’ by Berthold Jerg

Left: Detail from Michelangelo Buonarroti's altar painting of the Last Judgment with the trumpeting angels, who announce the Last Judgment and carry out the selection of the souls. With the help of their books, they announce the chosen souls, but also the damned souls who will be cast into hell. The format of the two books provides information about this. Michelangelo Buonarroti, (1536-1541), Vatican, Rome.

On the right: Perspective view of the Sistine Chapel altar painting of the Last Judgment by Michelangelo Buonarroti, which he created as one of his masterpieces from 1536-1541. It depicts many scenes of human sin and the life of the souls, as well as the resurrection of Christ as the judge of the world. Michelangelo Buonarroti, (1536-1541), Vatican, Rome.

"The future of the New World

is created from the past of the Old World''....

The time has come for the second return of Christ for the "Last Judgment" at the end of times

Glimpse of Heaven on Earth: Fiction or Reality?

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