The End of Times

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Countdown Apocalypse The End of Times About Heuristics Download Contact

„I will come again at the end of time’’. This is what Jesus Christ prophesied to us shortly before his death on the wooden cross. With this last message, he left us his legacy and the hope of the resurrection and return of Christ at the end of time.

In the „Last Judgement’’ of mankind, a new revelation is about the first unveiling of almost countless secrets of creation and the personal salvation of believing people. And that time is now.

Through heuristic image analyses of Christian works of art, the author and heuristics expert Berthold Jerg provides new insights into the hidden iconographies of the artists and thus reveals the great secrets of Christianity.

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„Time for heuristics and the return of Bartholomew Christ’’.

Heuristics refers to an analytical method that leads to new insights and knowledge inspired by creation, taking into account Christian teachings, commandments, values, rules and behaviors. This will be vital for humanity's survival and represents a new paradigm of the apocalypse.

„The future of a new heaven and a new earth is created through heuristics’’.

Berthold Jerg

The time is fulfilled for the return of

Bartholomew Christ to the „Last Judgment’’.

Risen Apollo Christ

Detailed view of the altarpiece „The Last Judgement’’ in the Sistine Chapel with the resurrected and angelic Apollo Christ in red markings.

As the heavenly representative of the Son of Man, respectively Bartholomew Christ, he is the most important companion and world judge. Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome. Image assembly by Berthold Jerg.

The most important chapel of mankind: the Sistine Chapel

Interior view of the Sistine Chapel with the altarpiece of the Last Judgement by Michelangelo Buonarroti in light blue markings. With its unique paintings, it contains the greatest hidden treasures of mankind. Vatican, Rome. Image assembly by Berthold Jerg.

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More in the free of charge eBook manuscript

The End of Times’’ by Berthold Jerg. Expected to be available in fall 2024.

As is well known, the churches proclaim daily the gospel of the resurrection of Christ and eternal life, and yet today more people than ever doubt the original Christian message.

This very message seems to have degenerated into a fearful and challenging responsibility for many of the Christians living around the world today.

To meet this dissatisfied situation with new knowledge, the earth-shaking eBook "The End of Times'' by Berthold Jerg provides the crucial impulses for a new understanding.