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TIME to decode hidden visual image languages

„Now comes the man with the cross“

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New methodology for decoding hidden languages in art works

Michelangelo’s David:

victory above Goliath with intellect

Circumcision and the consequences

Last Supper, the washing of feet and Peter's complicity at the arrest of Jesus

What comes at the end:

the „Flood“ or the Sin Flood“?

Creation of Eve:

reconstruction of the spiritual rebirth of Adam

Creation of Adam: spiritual transmission from God to Adam

Comparison Last Judgement Comparison Last Judgement

Comparison: „Last Judgment“ with „Tuttomondo“

Holy Spirit mystery at

round columns, capitals and

volute bands

Retribution for sin-guilty:

sexual drive increasements and verbal delusions

Michelangelo’s last works: the consequences of Jesus' death on the cross until today

Way of personal salvation:

creativity method HDM,

script and rules

More about that in the free eBook manuscript

The End of Times“ by Berthold Jerg